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Planexit marks the next chapter in Desert Clouds' two-decade career. The London based outfit deliver '60s psychedelic/rock influences and '90s arrangements (or the other way around), with their own distinctive dark sound.

"This new album is a journey throughout the inner side of the human being, represented by a nameless man who is trying to escape the surrounding environment that overwhelms him."

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Planexit by Desert Clouds

Drawing inspiration from all genres and influences from the likes of Syd Barret to Led Zeppelin to Nirvana, and TOOL.

Lyrically they explore the darker side of the human condition and draw on interests such as the Italian artistic movement Decadentism, along with existentialism.

Opening the album is the dynamic title track "Planexit", taking a humorous twist on Brexit delivers a theatrical and genre-mixing experience.
Classic, psychedelic rock styles fuse with overdriven guitars and progressive elements to create a distinctive soundscape.
From the high-energy, fast-pace of "Mamarse" to the serene, atmospheric "Deceivers", the new album delves into dystopian themes aptly explored through compelling composition.

Venture on a thrilling voyage with Planexit. Melodic riffs and hard-hitting rhythms fuel the powerful impact of the music. Desert Clouds' experimental sound produces colourful musicality enhanced with heavy intensity.